Coaching Moment

Stop and think before and during a task

Courage  –  Care  –  Commitment  –  Intervene

  • Make it safe
  • Use the right tools
  • Use the right procedure
  • Reduce risks


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    Did the employee clearly understand the task?
    Is the employee physically and mentally prepared to do the task?
    Are there high potential hazards present?
    Is there a risk to others?
    Could other crews, worker, or conditions pose a risk to me?


    Was the supervisor/manager contacted? (if high potential or risk to others selected)
    Was the FLHA updated with additional control?


    Any additional help needed?
    Are equipment, permits, written practices, procedures, etc. required?
    Are controls in place for any additional hazards identified?
    Will the control affect another part of the task being done?
    Was anyone else informed (Supervisor/Authority)?
    Is an emergency response plan required?


    Any items checked need to be noted on your FLHA document?
    If you answered yes to any of the above please provided details:
    Feedback Given

    Leadership/Coach Feedback:
    Employee Feedback: